Dined at Watami Jap restaurant at the ION Orchard outlet. There was a short queue when bf and I arrived and thank god, our friends were already seated inside. The restaurant was full but I didn't like their food and service.  
My Tempura Udon. Told you I would only eat Tempura or Nabeyaki Udon... #boringfart
A plus point for them as they separated out the crispy fried tempuras from the soup but I wished they could offer something more edible and welcomed like sweet potato or tapioca rather than the notorious capsicum and brinjal. It came with a mushroom as well which I guess it might be a shitake mushroom, or maybe not. Couldn't tell since it's fried and covered with flour.

The tempuras were acceptable but I didn't like the udon and soup. It felt quite tasteless and I had to add some light sauce to it. It was a pain eating that, really. 

Also, my tempura came without the usual tempura sauce. I'm not sure if this is now the common practice because my nabeyaki udon which I had at Rakuichi Sushi came without it too. :( 
It didn't matter much to me because I still had to dip it to the usual light sauce instead as it's much tastier than the tempura sauce as the latter was a little tasteless. 

Service wise, we asked for the tempura sauce for like 2 to 3 times. I guess it's their peak period but that shouldn't be a justifiable excuse. There are quite a number of manpower too anyway. So I guess that isn't the root of the problem. The 1st waiter we asked took a long time that we thought he had forgotten, so we approached another waitress who looked extremely stunned and confused. She gave me light sauce which I confirmed and rejected, since I already had the light sauce with me. 

Bf : "Excuse me, can I have the sauce for the tempura?"
Waiter : "Ok" *walks away*
5 mins later.. No tempura sauce...

Me : "Hi, excuse me, can I have the tempura sauce?" *gesturing a saucer shape with my hand*
Waitress : *confused look for 5 secs*...
After 3mins...
Me : *my turn to look confused* "Is this light sauce?" (it was in a little tea pot bottle, all covered up and I assumed they are the same since they look the same but needed clarifications)
Waitress : "Ya" *with full confidence & without a doubt*
Me : -_- "Oh, eh then it's ok because I already have the light sauce" *pointing at the light sauce in front of me*
Bf : "she wants the tempura sauce for that" *pointing at my tempura*
Waitress : *stunned for another 5 secs...* "Oh, for the Ebi isit? Ok"
Me : (Tempura not Ebi meh? Okay fine, correct name is Ebi Tempura lor)
After 5 mins..
Waitress : *places EBI Tempura sauce on the table* without saying anything...
Me : *verified that it's the correct sauce*

10 mins later..

Waiter : *swiftly placed his own version of 'tempura sauce' on our table* without realising that I already have so many saucers of sauces there and *walked away to serve other customers* I didn't even had the chance to decline.
Me : *went on to verify the sauce* and guess what! It's the sauce for CHA SOBA... !@#$% Nevermind that *continue to dip into my light sauce from then on...*

If I do patronise them again, I wouldn't opt for their udons anymore. Perhaps try their rice for a change.
Bf's sizzling hot beef rice, kinda reminds me of Pepper lunch! Not my cuppa tea because I'm afraid of the splattering of oil and sizzling sound... :(
I'd thought bf's rice were much tastier than mine but it gets quite messy having to stir it yourself, trying to prevent burnt rice and all. BOO.
Expensive salmon sashimi
Although it's a must-have dish for me when dining at Jap restaurants, the prices are also a huge factor to consider. This plate of 6 to 7 pieces cost about $9.90! For me, it's not the amount of pieces they deliver since it varies according to their thickness, but even though I'm a salmon sashimi fan, most salmon taste the same to me, so am not really particular what grade/country they originate from. I'm generally not a fussy eater, unless the food has disgusting stuffs like ginger, parsley etc. Other than that, I'm quite easy going on food choices. I would get a plate of salmon sashimi anytime anywhere is it costs perhaps less than $7? But bf ordered this before I asked him the price..

Forgot to snap a picture of the hot 'green tea' we ordered. Plus point is that it's refillable, best for water barrels like me, but their green tea, we 4 reckoned should be brown rice tea or something. It didn't taste like how normal green teas are like and well, it's brown in colour.

I understand that brown rice tea is one of those healthy teas too beside green tea but this particular brand which they served, didn't taste as nice as the ones they now serve at Sakae Sushi (Yes, I'm really a fan of jap food :P). I was a little upset Sakae switched to brown rice tea instead of the usual green tea but grown to love it after trying. So I was full of hope when I realised Watami was serving brown rice tea too! But it tasted so much different and it most probably be due to its dilution. Trying to cut cost here I guess? :(

Wasn't satisfied with their food and service.

Overall rating : 
1 heart for bf's rice and 1 heart for the ambience, nothing more. 
Remember how I was so excited over the these sticker tapes in black? Yes! They have arrived and I've worn them out to try! A mixture of both good and bad actually... Read my previous post here!
I bought these few to try out and would get more if they prove to be value for money. My suggestion is to get the narrow type. The shaped ones are super out of the question because it's just so freaking long to use for the width of the eyes, well, unless you're telling me you have super wide eyes like this...
Which I then suggest you to well, better to stay home....

Credits to doobybrain.com
I know it doesn't make much difference but to someone who has single eyelids, it does! It helps to 'open up' our eyes, looking more alert and well, IMO, more pleasing to the eyes. 

Not sure about you, but even with this sticker tapes, I face the same problems when using those usual transparent ones. The stickiness is extremely poor, like if you accidentally stick onto your eyelids wrongly and want to remove and stick it on correctly again, the stickiness becomes compromised. And you'll face problems trying to hold them up again. 

Now, if you are facing the same problems as me, here's a little tip for you. It works for me. 

Using the glue for falsies, dab it a little onto the sticky side of the sticker tape and stick it onto your eyelids. Brain cells' activation proved to be functioning well and came to a conclusion that since the glue for falsies is able to stick them on so well on your eyelids, it should do the same for sticker tapes too right? Brain, you have done me proud! And true enough, they do stick better! :)

For me, I'd prefer parallel eyelids over tapered ones! They look so much better, so even when I'm on falsies, I'd always try to achieve the 'parallel eyelids' look! :)
Sadly, I believe to the 'Mono Eyelids' Group :(

Credits to : http://lolitalane.com/tag/eyelid-tape/
Credits to : Xiaxue.bs
Here's another tip when using double eyelid sticker tapes.

If you wish to achieve a wider and deeper double eyelids, paste the tapes a little higher than what you usually paste. Perhaps try 1 to 1.5cm from your eyelids. It creates a deep-set eyelids which allures ;) Especially useful if you want to achieve parallel eyelids! :D

Yes, you would have to apply eyeliner to cover up those parts that aren't black. You don't want to go around looking weird and the double eyelid sticker tapes are meant to be concealed. The trick is not to allow anyone to notice them. 

I'm using the K-Palette eyeliner BUT I'm advising you to get my Holy Grail - Bourjois Ultra Black eyeliner. Both are liquid eyeliners of course. I bought the former because I was in need of an eyeliner previously and couldn't get hold of the Bourjois one, which I have been using for a long time. 

After applying the eyeliner, look downwards so that you don't get the eyeliner smudging all over your eyelids. Let it dry out first and test if they are done drying using your fingers. Gently dab to test.

After that, you're all done! :D

Hope you like this entry post as much as I do!

For all the single eyelids babes, don't fret! With just extra patience and more practice, you'll create lovely double eyelids in no time, even with falsies! I'm still on my learning journey as well!

JIA YOU! :D <3
Endorsed by S.H.E
Product Size : 50ml

Product Description : This moisture rich night jelly is specially formulated to instantly hydrate skin. It also improves the skin's ability to retain water overnight for a more intense treatment and repair. It will let one wake up the next morning with brighter and smoother skin.

How to use?

Apply onto face and gently massage in a circular motion as the last step of your skin care routine. Do not rinse. Apply 2 to 3 times a week.
As stated, I applied over my face after mositurising it. Again, I'd skipped the application of the cream step because it would be too much stuffs applied on my face...

Comparing this night gel to the Laneige one, the latter actually results in oilier skin when I wake up in the morning. However, comparing on their functions, I would choose this over Laneige too as well because it's a 2-in-1 night gel which promotes hydration as well as whitening of the skin, whereas Laneige only helps to hydrate the skin. I felt that my skin was a tad brighter after washing. So imma recommend this product over the Laneige one, plus it's waaaay cheaper too! Available at convenience stores at $18.90 but got mine at a discount of $14.18! :)

Overall rating :
Guess what arrived yesterday? :)

My online beauty hauls! Totally delighted and excited to see them! Brightened up my long day at work! :D
I've tried some products and first I will be reviewing on the Aqua Rine Sakura Japanese Aroma Bath Sea Salt! 
Sakura flavour which promotes whitening! :)
I was a quite disappointed that the description of the fineness of the salt is not up to expectations. I was expecting a much coarser texture of the salt grains or perhaps I am too used to the St Ives body scrub which I will post an review on as well. 

But I do like the smell, which smells just like the usual body wash. 

It is not soapy, which I don't think because I feel that I've not cleansed thoroughly. I like it to be squeaky clean, just like my preference for facial foams and hand wash as well. 

I would only recommend this product to those who prefers exfoliating with a milder version of a scrub. Aqua Rine comes in 2 different fineness of sea salt grains - Fine and Coarse. They come in 6 flavours too. :)
Overall rating :
Bought this recently from Coupree.com for $8.90 which is one of the online deal vouchers website, similar to Groupon and Deals.com.sg, only not as popular. The seller is from http://www.shoppingnspree.net/, so you may want to think twice before ordering from them? I mean, just as a preemptive measure. 

I know, I have been kinda crazy over such deals recently. Maybe I'm becoming more and more auntie-like? :/

So anyway, I hope you guys can resist the temptation of convenience in removing unwanted hair because I couldn't and thought of just giving it a try. 

But surrendering my moolah for this crap was really not worth it at all! 

It comes with 1 big and 1 small 'holder' for body areas and smaller areas such as upper lips and facial hair. I'd only tried it on my left arm and boy, I sure did regret! Tried it on Tuesday and till now (Friday), I'm feeling all itchy and scaly. Little hairs are growing back and the area which I tried on, has become soooo dry! It now feels so rough. 

I was thinking what I could try to salvage the situation and still make my money's worth - that I could still try to use the exfoliating patches (somewhat feels and looks like sand paper) to exfoliate my skin, removing dead skin cells. But seems like it's taken a toll on my skin and so maybe I'll have to drop that idea altogether :( 

The vibrator didn't product strong vibrations either, perhaps there was the reason for its ineffectiveness? If you require the vibrator to remove the hairs, then how come the smaller one doesn't need? I'm assuming that it doesn't because the instructions didn't state and moreover, there is no sufficient space to place the vibrator on? 

In any case, please don't get this useless crap if you happen chance upon it.

Overall rating :
Can't think of any others yet...



Aiming at the whitening masks... Awww *Salivates*

They were previously sold in Watsons, supplied by cossy.com.sg and the 'Buy 3 get 1 Mask Free' promo has already ended long ago.

I'm wondering if I can still get them off the shelves at Watsons? Anyone?

Or I may have to get them from GMarket if that's the case... :(
Enjoyed reading my previous post on the other flavour - Strawberry Milk Mask from My Beauty Diary as well?

Then you will sure to enjoy this post as well! :)


It helps to :

- Brightening, Nourishing, Moisturizing

- Regains skin suppleness & radiance

- Repair damaged due to skin dehydration

 - Refreshing and minimizes wrinkles

Mask and packet are filled with essence of goodness! Remember not to throw them away after removing the mask. You can use the remaining essence for your face and neck massage! :)
So now you can see how terrible my dark circles are but I've got to clarify that I didn't remove my mascara on my lower lashes properly.

One main concern that I have with MBD masks is that they seem to tear more easily compared to their pioneer batches of masks. Also, the masks seem more translucent compared to the past. I guess perhaps this is the reason? 

I used to mask while sitting and using the computer, just so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. But I've learnt that you face will sag if you do that and since I'm hitting the ageing age soon, I now religiously lie down while masking, thought my eyes will still be glued to my iPhone =x

Left it on for around 20 to 25mins and massaged the essence onto my face as usual. The smell of honey and strawberry was not as great compared to the Strawberry Milk flavour.

Once the mask was removed, I could see instant brightening of the face. Something similar to the effects of the Fancl's whitening mask as well as the MBD Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk flavour. But what differs this mask from the Strawberry Milk flavour is that it really soothens the skin and I was left with soft and supple skin after that! Very very soft like baby's butt cheeks! :P 

Am very satisfied with MBD masks and hence, that explains my pending arrival of more MBD masks! Whoops =x

I skipped the revitalising cream from Kose Sekkisei Supreme and only applied the Moisturiser after that as I felt it might be too much and may cause oiliness over the night.

Overall rating : 
Are you a fan of Japanese food? Do you lookout for delicious Japanese delicacies? Can't get your tongue off that Sashimi?

Well, you're not alone!

In Singapore, from reviews and word of mouth, Japanese food can be said to top the charts of many when it comes to choice of cuisine :)

And yes, I am definitely a Japanese food fan too! I love their udon, cha soba, salmon sashimi, ebiko rolls... Well, you get the drift ;)

Had the opportunity to dine in this awesome Japanese restaurant known as Kinsa Sushi located at AMK through one of my colleagues' intro. 

It was empty when we reached and 2 other men dined in as well whilst we were savoring our food. I guess it's because it's rather new? You may read their blog here : http://kinsasushi.blogspot.sg/
Only a few months' old :)

We all agreed that they portray exquisiteness with their own little style of presentation of the food. 

Let the pictures do the talking, shall we? ;)
Prepare your tissues :P 
Waitresses are dressed in kimono and the Japanese chefs uniform! 
Pink cha soba OMG! No we didn't order this, HAHA! 
Wanted to order salmon sashimi but it was too pricey. $4.80 for 3 pieces, although sliced thickly =/ 
IMO, cups are too small. Had to refill a million times. 
Chawanmushi!!! <3 
My tempura udon! Their udon is really special. It's not the usual thick and fat noddles but very thin noodles which my colleagues all said like meepok -.- But I personally prefer the thick udon, I feel cheated! :( 
My pathetic tempura with capsicum and sweet potato, without any sauce provided! :( 
This niniku (garlic) was the joke of the day. Colleagues ordered fried garlic rice/garlic fried rice(?!) and they were literally given 1 bulb of garlic and white rice... OMG. -.- 
Different chawanmushi from mine, which came along with my colleagues' bento set!
Heh, all in all, I think it was an enjoyable meal :) and would definitely recommend you guys to try there sometime! :D
Only thing is that they have only 1 outlet (perhaps more in time to come?) located at AMK. 

Kinsa Sushi 
61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8. #02-03/3A 
Jubilee Square. Singapore 569814 

Overall ratings : 

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