Requirements to use nail art stickers

  1. Lazy/can't draw nail art yourself
  2. Impatient/want to save time
  3. Shaky hands
  4. Suck at art and crafts (I don't belong here!)
  5. Patient and gentle enough to stick them on one by one
  6. Meticulous
  7. Great skills of estimation and alignment 
  8. Want awesome results within the shortest time possible
  9. Can't afford/don't wish to spend hefty sum for manicure and pedicure

If you meet most of the requirements above, then nail art stickers are for you!

I dug out some of my old nail art stickers which I bought from pasar malam (very cheap! but can't recall the price) and DIY the nail art myself. Well, ok fine most of the credits go to the nail art stickers but... still, I'm here to share on tips using these stickers, which I learnt along the process!

Pictures are all taken with and without flash to showcase the glittering effect of the nail polish and the diamond on the stickers!
With Flash
Without Flash
If you would recall, in my past entry post, I had used China Glaze Emotion to paint the lighter purple. The glitter hot pinkish purple is from OPI Burlesque Mini Set - The Show Must Go On! and I had merely painted a strip in the centre. 

Now here are the steps and challenges when using nail art stickers. It may not seem as easy as it looks. 

  • As the stickers are quite fragile, you need to whole lot of gentleness to remove them from the plastic. What I do is to sort of bend and fold the plastic a little and try to get the sticker out from its edge. It was easier to start from the diamond part compared to the flowers. Be sure not to bend and fold the plastic too much that it affects the rest of the other stickers which are still intact. Just a slight short bend would do. 
  • Remember how the stickers were position and aligned before you remove them because I do get confused sometimes, in trying to position the stickers on the nails. If you've done manicures, you would have noticed that the nail arts are done in an 'opposite' style for both hands. A mirror image to be exact. The stickers on the plastic are positioned in that manner for a reason, so try to make use of that for your estimation :)
  • I don't encourage you to use super glue on your nails because I reckon that it might harm your nails, hence, I would suggest you to use something which allows the stickers to stick which doesn't harm your nails. I used the top coat - logical right? It's sticky and helps to produce that extra shine and protection for your nails. Because I'm using the China Glaze Top Coat, which I'm quite sure it has some quick dry properties too, it was a challenge to hurry stick the stickers down onto the nails before it dries up. If yours is the normal kind that doesn't dry quickly, ensure that the coat is not too wet to stick the stickers on, or it would be a disaster and things would get real messy. 
  • As mentioned above, due to their delicateness, I suggest you to use either the tip of your fingers or hold it together with your fingernail tips at the ends. Remember that these stickers do not have super glue effect so be sure not to let it lose its stickiness. Refrain from using your flesh if possible as perspiration etc would cause them to lose their stickiness.
  • After you have found the right position on the nail, gentle press it down first and then pay attention to minor areas such as the flower petals, the ends, the diamonds. Most importantly, every single part that can stick, needs to be down sticking to your nails. 
  • I had some little parts which refused to stick no matter what I do. So I used the top coat again and dripped a small amount at the required areas and then press it down using my finger nails and/or a pen. As our nails are curved, it might be a tad difficult to get them pressed down onto our nails nicely, so patience is required. Just keep pressing them down while drying them. They would eventually somehow stick and stay. 
  • Apply top coat over the whole nails with the nail art stickers once you are done to give the last touch up and shine. 

Ladies, don't expect these nail art stickers to stay on for a long period of time. They are merely temporary and their 'lifespan' is much shorter than those nail arts the manicurists design for you, but of course, the completion time is much faster. I took only around 45 mins or less to complete my finger nails. 

*It would be easier if you use a tweezer to remove the stickers from the plastic and paste them onto your nails, while positioning them. But be sure not to press the tweezer too hard that it tears the sticker apart. 

Have fun decorating your nails with nail art stickers! :)

First row (left to right) :
  • Majolica Majorca Aurora Tear Liner in Blue and Pink 
  • Duo Adhesive Eyelash Glue in Dark Tone (HOLY GRAIL)
  • K Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyeliner
  • Maybelline The Falsies Volum'Express Mascara
Second row (left to right) :
  • Loreal True Match Concealer
  • Bobby Brown Eyebrow Palette
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Silkygirl Duo Blusher
Third row (left to right) :
  • Canmake Highlighter in White
  • Boujois Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black (HOLY GRAIL)
  • Duo Sizes Eyeliner Pencil Sharpener
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Radiance Comfort Compact Power (HOLY GRAIL)


Here are some of my essentials I bring along with me wherever I go :
First row (left to right) :
  • Contact lens cases (1 to 2) - So that I can remove them whenever my eyes feel dry and tired
  • Mentholatum Therapy Lip Balm - Been using this for almost a decade (GASP!) and I like the minty feel on my lips. I am prone to cold sores (Attracted this several years ago) and it helps to soothe the itchiness. But I've observed that I can't wear this to sleep because it triggers my cold sore when I wake up in the morning, which the reason, is still a mystery...
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm (Smoothing Cherry and Cherry Velvet flavours) - I like the shine it produces which Mentholatum doesn't offer. Oilier than Mentholatum too. 
  • Contact lens solution - Carry around a small one and I even have a big one at my office too!

Feel free to share what's in your make up pouch and essentials which you can't leave home without! :D

I'm quite sure many of you ladies are familiar with this Nivea brand because its popularity has escalated over the years, and more so, in the recent years due to their constant improvement of products, catering to heaps of ladies' desires and needs.

Only recently, I was becoming self-conscious of my dry skin since I am seated in an air-conditioned room, almost 24/7. Plus, the office's air-con is always blasting at me. :( 
So, recalling the results I have achieved with Nivea's body lotion few years ago, I am now back to using it again, only with greater satisfaction! :D

Nivea has come a long way and can be said to be the first ever successive whitening lotion amongst other brands. When you think of body lotions, when you think of whitening body lotions, you think NIVEA. That's the impact it has on consumers' mind.

Let's take a look at its old packaging.
How many of you remember this packaging? Well, I do. 
Then came the new series with a more appealing packaging look, catering to extra whitening desires, night use and inner cell repair...I remember using this 3 to 4 years back and managed to snag a twin pack from KL while I was there on a vacation at a steal!!! 
This is the latest version Nivea has for its extra whitening series. It has added extra ingredients and value-added its worth, or at least we consumers think so. ;)
It has always dawn upon me that which consumer, when looking out for a whitening body lotion at the Nivea section, would actually choose the normal whitening body lotion (no extra whitening properties) over the extra whitening body lotion? And if I recall correctly, the price difference ain't that great either. Gimmicks gimmicks...

But nevertheless, I am one of those amongst the rest, who has fell for these gimmicks and who reckon will continue falling deeper and deeper... 

There are other recent competitors such as Vaseline (the one that immediately pops up in your mind as the 'competitor of Nivea', Eucerin and well... can't seem to find any others (google it and you'll find 95% are Nivea's products). So, the market for this isn't that great, not taking into account of other chapalang (Taiwan, HK etc) or products which have not successfully wow-ed the crowd yet. Nivea is definitely the clear winner. 

I remember using the older version of Nivea's whitening body lotion and was not very satisfied with the application process because of the thick creamy sticky feel that it produces and leaves on your skin. Comparing the latest version which is definitely so much better in terms of thickness, absorption and hopefully results, I'm sure Nivea's sales will continue to skyrocket. It has fast absorption that sometimes I forget if I've already applied in that particular area. :P

But one thing is, don't expect immediate results. It's neither a magical body lotion or a elixir of fair skin. Apply day and night and gradually, you will observe noticeable results. Fairer and softer skin :)

I think I might have to get the night one soon because I've always thought that the word 'extra whitening' prevails over everything and anything. But seems that I am wrong because since it is for night time use, there is no need to incorporate anti- UV ray components into the whole lotion ingredients. Consequently, more whitening ingredients can be added to replace the UV-reflecting components into the ingredient compositions. As a result, night whitening lotion works more intensively than the day lotion.  

Doesn't this sound awesome? Ah, time to stock up those whitening lotions !!! :D

Overall rating :
I know this product ain't the latest product Skinfood carries but I will still share it here :)

I used to refrain using rice mask because I had a minor breakout after using the rice mask from The Face Shop, but I couldn't 100% confirm if it was due to the rice mask since I had only tried once and that was eons ago. 

Decided to give rice mask another chance and so I ordered this rice mask wash off from Skinfood online :)

So far so good, guess I'll have to monitor when I wake up tomorrow to observe any potential breakouts.
Doesn't smell like rice to me but very fragrant nevertheless :)
After application
Doesn't feel very coarse in its grains
5 mins after application. it dissolves...
Left cheek with my sexy moles. Did I mention I have tonnes of moles? Sometimes I feel I can play 'Connect the Dots' on my face...

Need to first clarify that the red pinky patch is not due to any allergy or whatsoever, it's actually the reflection of my hot pink camera LOL
Right cheek

I think I include the freckles as one of the 'dots' for the game. Had freckles since I was very young, I'm thinking that I'm born with them.. :(
Forehead. Red pink reflection of camera. 
Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

Product Size

Product Description
Exfoliating wash off scrub mask with minerals, vitamins and gamma oryzanol. Moisturizes and whitens the skin.

How to use?
Apply evenly after cleansing. Avoid eye and mouth area. Gently scrub and wash off with lukewarm water after 10 - 15 minutes.

To note :
1. Do not exfoliate before using the mask. Cleanse it as per normal using facial cleanser. As this mask acts as a scrub, over scrubbing and exfoliating might dry out and too much for your skin to take.
2. Do take note to apply the mask before applying toner. 

Results : Immediate brightening but not as effective as the results I achieved using My Beauty Diary and Fancl masks, but still satisfactory nevertheless. Also, my skin feels smoother and more supple now. Application wise, though messy but I guess it's common for most similar masks which requires application using fingers. 

Note that if you skin is smoothened, it's relatively easier to apply foundation/compact powder over it too :)

Overall rating : 
An Italian cafe at a heartland area?

Without a doubt, the prices are 'heartland friendly' too. You can expect neighbourhood prices :)

Although we were the only customers (another guy then dined there while we were in the midst of eating), colleagues and I thought that the food was not too bad :) 

Pictures pictures! 
If you are going to dine there, you can consider getting the set which consists of the main, drink and dessert. The strawberry pudding belongs to a set. 

Please don't try the iced lemon tea there. It is self-brewed and very very sour. Couldn't imagine if we had chosen the lime juice instead. One of the worst iced lemon tea I've ever tried! :(

The ambience was so-so considering the fact that it's located in a heartland area. I thought the cafe was a little dim but good thing was that they had tv plugged on :) When you run out of things to say and you are immersed in silence, :D

Here's the address and website : 
Blk 555 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, 

Overall rating :  
To be more accurate, it deserves a 3.5 rather than 3 :) 
I'm so eager to share these raves with you babes because I'm really impressed with the quality of China Glaze nail polishes!
It's actually my first time using them and whoa, they have done me proud! :D

In case you are wondering where I'd got them from, it's at Scape @ Orchard, located next to Cineleisure outside of Old Town White Coffee.

Here's the address and their website :
*SCAPE Co. Ltd
#05-01, 2 Orchard Link
Singapore 237978 

Their location map :
This place is relatively new and you find lots of trendy fashionable apparels, nail polishes, accessories, phone accessories, bags, shoes and many more! It's a great place to hunt for good buys! 

The booth which I had gotten my nail polishes from was located on the extreme end near the staircase by the Toastbox Cafe. The place ain't very big, so I'm sure you will manage to find it anyway :)

They are selling OPI nail polishes too, going at $10 each. I bought the China Glaze at 3 for $20! 1 for $8! :D

I'm using China Glaze Emotion in this picture.
Without flash
With flash
Of course, the item that I'm gonna rave today would be...

THIS !!! 
This quick dry nail polish is really really good! It delivers what it promises! Waiting time for it to dry was very fast! This should be applied AFTER the top coat application. Top coat is a MUST - prior to any coloured nail polish and after it. Top coat helps to prevent your nails from damaging and yellow stains. Plus, it gives the nail colour an enchanting gloss as well! :)

This is the Top Coat from China Glaze I bought :)
It's not bad too :)

It's really quite worth it to get the '3 for $20' promo since 1 is approx $6.66! Plus, we ladies can never have too many nail polishes (even though they are of almost the same shades...) right? ;)
Imma gonna get more nail polishes from China Glaze! :D

Please note that China Glaze nail polishes ARE NOT MADE IN CHINA! They are Made in USA! :D

I too had the misconception as well, but who can you blame when almost everything and anything are MIC now? The only reason why they named it 'China Glaze' is because "Our unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish" as extracted from their website.
But be sure to check on the authenticity of the products you purchase especially for online purchases, since China are multi-talented in imitating others! Think 2 Apple stores, Victoria Secret shows and IKEA! 

Happy painting babes and thanks for reading! :D <3

Overall rating :
*Some of the nail polish are starting to peel off already..! So no full marks! :(
've been eating loads of Japanese food recently and although it's one of my favourite cuisine, I do get sick after consuming excessively over a short period of time!

Ate at Rakuichi Sushi Restaurant for lunch last Friday on the 3rd of Aug at the Greenwich V outlet. 
My Nabeyaki Udon which I would always try at almost every Jap restaurant. Price approx $13.90. I know I'm a boring fart. 
I do want to highlight that some restaurants do not separate the fried tempuras from the udon soup which really spoils the crispy fun! The same goes for the tempura udon as well. I'm sure consumers would desire the crunchy crispy feel in their mouth when they sink their teeth into them. 
Sorry for the slight discolouration on the side. Forgot to remove my hp casing before snapping this pic. My colleague's beancurd skin udon! I eat this too on days when I feel poor and can't afford my favourite nabeyaki :( Price about $9.90. 
Another colleague's sushi! Love the vibrant colours :D 
Potato Salad. Honestly, I prefer having mine this mashed up way than potato chunks. I know right, I'm such a lazy eater.
The food's not bad generally. (Check out their website for other outlets)
1 Seletar Road
#02-12 Greenwich V
Singapore 807011 

Overall rating :
Any feedback/suggestions/advertorials/sponsorship are all welcome!

Please feel free to contact me at :)

Thank you for all your positive feedback, compliments and support once again! :D

Jean <3
Unlike Caucasians, due to genetics, most Asians have short and thin eyelashes that are dispersed. We require additional beauty tools to thicken, lengthen, strengthen and volumise them.

The trend of using fake eyelashes, or as I'd prefer to call it, falsies are seen almost anywhere and everywhere on many ladies' faces now. 

So, what are the right types and styles for you?

Before sharing some juicy info and tips on the falsies I use, let us sit back, relax and enjoy these awesome pictures, shall we? 
We have our famous Katy Perry (who has recently been under the limelight for her failed marriage with Russell Brand and her current sizzling hot news with her new lover, John Mayer) with her pretty eyelashes that helps to open up her eyes, making them look mesmerising as well as more alert! 

Credits to
And then we have Kim Kardashian, making use of falsies to create the alluring smoking eyes, sultry look. 

Credits :
Yes, notice how these falsies help to achieve the look you want? But you can't do that without choosing the right type of falsies.
A model with smoking deep-set looking eyes. Get attention on your eyes by adding on eyeliner onto your water line - be sure to choose the right, non-smudgy ones! :)

Credits :
The fundamental factor in deciding the right falsies for you, would be the length of the falsies. Are they too long for you? Will you look like a witch instead of a beauty queen? As eyes are the windows to our soul, whatever changes you make on your eyes will affect your whole appearance and I'm serious!

Credits :
You may try experimenting with those quirky designs but make sure they are appropriate for the event you are attending! A dress-up funky party or perhaps even for nightlife would be suitable, but definitely not for casual shopping outings or company's events. Yes, you'll get all the attention you want, but for all the wrong reasons.

Credits : 
Credits :
Credits :
Credits : (doesn't think link speak volume?)
Okay, all these falsies are just WAAAYYY TOO OVERRRR!!!  Dramamama, anyone?

Well, unless you're some anorexic model putting on your best front, catwalking along the fashion runway, if not, DON'T EVEN TRY THEM. Not ever, please.
Credits :

A comparison between a 'before and after' preview illustrates the effects falsies create on your eyes. Feminism and stereotyping aside, you can't disagree that ladies look much better with battering eyelashes. 
Credits :

Closer to our hearts, here's a picture of Asian eyes. Notice the short natural lashes on the left and the instant volumising effects of falsies on the right. They actually look more like eyelash extensions but they are not. If you take a look at the website, they are actually falsies from MAC. 

Now, take a look at some different falsies themselves.
Credits :  

As per above, I would only advise you to wear those which are 'out of the norm' looking ones during parties or clubbing. I think they are look perfectly fine for that, except for the feather looking ones. 
An overview of my falsies

They are really awesome and you can get them at SaSa for only approx $6.90 for 6 pairs! There are promotions that reduce the price to $4.90 as well so do keep a lookout! :D I have been using these brands ever since I had been using falsies for 4 years plus?! And damn, I swear by them! :D

They are not filmsy nor easily shed the lash hairs. IMO, they are of a good quality despite their price! <3

The models are 703, 704 and 706 :)

I was once told that crisscross types look the most natural...But I think it simply varies individually..

Currently, I am using them as well.
I don't usually wear these type because they are sort of a milder version, not so dramatic. But I guess they are apt for work :)
Notice that these are double-fold eyelids? I never knew until I'd snapped this picture. But I do get double eyelids after putting them on, although sometimes they throw me off balance (pun intended), leaving me with 1 double eyelid and 1 single eyelid.

The trick is to press it against your eyelids when putting them on, to create the cease/fold. Something similar to using the double eyelid glue as well. Also, don't put it too close to your own eyelashes, put them a little higher on your eyelids instead, about 0.5 to 1cm. Don't worry, you can conceal the sight of your flesh using eyeliner. 

I think I might just do up a post on putting on eyelashes because some of you girls, I know, are still struggling with that. Don't worry, practice does make perfect! :D

I hope this post has helped you in choosing for the right design of falsies. :)

If nothing works for you, try using hair extensions or cut off your hair to achieve this look :
Credits :

You'll bound to turn heads, pop eyes and cause massive salivation along the streets... 

On a side note, OUCH LOOK AT THOSE STICKY GLUE ON THE EYELIDS. I feel sorry for this girl even though it's just for laugh (I hope!) :D
Hello dearies! <3

Hope your weekend was awesome! Anyone having Pre-Monday Blues already? I know I am! Work sucks as we know it... :(

But don't fret! There's something to look forward to this week here!

Do check back sometime this week for tips on beauty and skin care! Definitely useful! They are actually based on my research these years as well as from my own experience! :)

Good to share with you ladies!

And thank you to those who participated in my first free giveaways! Those who have yet to join in the fun, do check out the 'Giveaways' section! :)

Love your skin ; Love yourself! <3


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